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September 29, 2017

Denim® Surpasses 1 Billion Data Points

Consumer insights are being used to dramatically improve multi-channel mobile and social media marketing experiences

More Data Smarter Decisions

DES MOINES, Iowa (September 28, 2017)Denim®, the Des Moines-based insurtech company, has aggregated more than 1 billion data points on consumer engagement with the mobile and social media ads it has powered for insurance and financial services companies. The data is being collected through Denim’s patent-pending technology platform that allows marketing teams to easily scale localized mobile and social media ads for thousands of users in two minutes.

“Data is key to making smarter marketing and distribution decisions, and we’re proud to have more data on consumer engagement with insurance-related mobile and social media ads than anyone,” said Gregory Bailey, CEO and co-founder of Denim. “Not only does this level of information reveal our customers’ engagement with the Denim platform, it also offers huge opportunities to drive better marketing and distribution results for our customers.”

By analyzing the more than 1 billion data points according to segments such as age, gender, ad placement, time of day, and locality, some fascinating insights emerge. Here are a few examples:

  • Millennial consumers ages 25 to 34 are a sweet spot. In addition to seeing ads more than any other age group, this generation represents a lower cost per click – 31 percent lower than Gen Z; 9 percent lower than Gen X.
  • Ads viewed by consumers between midnight and 7:00 a.m. local time are 29 percent more likely to be clicked on than ads viewed at any other time.
  • Android smartphone users are 410 percent more likely to click on ads than iPhone users.

“Technology doesn’t stand still, and neither do the people who use it,” Bailey said. “At Denim, we’re always thinking about what’s next, and with this amount of data, we’re in an extremely strong position to drive smarter marketing for our customers. As the amount of data continues to grow, we look forward to delivering additional intelligent, multi-channel experiences.”

About Denim®

Denim is reimagining marketing and distribution with wicked smart technology. Designed with today’s mobile and social consumers in mind, Denim’s patent-pending platform improves marketing ROI by changing the way insurance and financial services companies advertise, engage, and sell. With a focus on delivering a simple and intuitive platform, Denim not only delivers results, it’s enjoyable to use. To learn more, visit denimlabs.com.

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