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Making Marketing Personal at Scale

Save time and money with simple and intuitive mobile advertising for multi-location brands.

Scale for thousands of users and deliver results with ease. Achieve predictable outcomes with localized ads. Accomplish 40 hours of work in 2 minutes.
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Localized ads get better results.

Deliver results for thousands of users simultaneously with patent-pending, automated software built for insurance and financial services companies.

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Solutions that integrate teams.

Denim empowers marketers to launch and manage ad campaigns with ease so they can focus on what matters most: awareness, engagement and lead conversions. Learn More

Denim's enterprise-ready platform delivers streamlined implementation and best-in-class security for less work, enhanced scalability and peace-of-mind. Learn More

Micro-targeted and localized ads allow Denim users to get their marketing message in front of today’s mobile and social consumers when they’re most likely to take action. Learn More

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