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February 12, 2019

S4E9: Customer Experience with Adam Christophersen

An Episode in our Employee Spotlight Series

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Welcome back to Denim Rivet – this episode is the podcast’s first employee spotlight, highlighting our Customer Experience Manager, Adam Christophersen. You may remember him from Season 4 Episode 1 where Adam and Charlie Turri discussed Denim’s growth over the summer and Denim Summit 2018. Adam talks about all things customer experience in studio at Denim Headquarters and what he has been focused on, as well as his big ideas about where Denim is headed.


Adam is the son of a small business owner in Minnesota and received his undergrad from Iowa State University. After receiving his MBA, Adam started a family with his wife and has two kids back at home. While he worked in insurance industry for a few years, Adam landed Workiva before headed over to join us at Denim, where he just had his one year anniversary.    

Adam was the first Product Marketing Manager at Workiva that focused on a single industry – insurance, and later banks and investment companies. After the first year, they scaled the team out and Adam’s job was to stand them up in EMEA –Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. This started Adam’s fascination with doing things no one has done before, which always involved taking risks—testing and adapting and trying out things that might not be comfortable to do.   

What Does Customer Experience (CX) Mean? 

In summation—CX is all the interactions a customer has from knowing little about a company, to becoming a customer and future advocate. It’s about how you interact, retain, and grow with your customer’s needs. This can include help center articles, consumer reports—basically new tactics for Denim’s customers to approach their markets with.  

To get most of Denim’s customers on board with this, we roll out what we lovingly call “The Cupcake Version” of a product. Namely, making a cupcake before the whole cake: what some call minimum viable products. Beta users have access to this and provide feedback to further hone in and perfect the product so Denim is on each step of the journey with our customers in digital marketing. 

Denim’s Values 

Denim has spent months defining what it is exactly that Denim stands for—and as you might imagine, this is completely a team effort. As Adam states, there are four core values we’ve landed on: think big, be open, create impact, and fourthly—be awesome. This means seeing the forest from the trees in terms of product development, developing products with the end use in mind. Being open means constantly challenging each other here at Denim and finding the value in different opinions. Creating impact means keeping the customers at the forefront of Denim’s mind. And being awesome? This means everyone at Denim being the best versions of themselves that they can, so every idea and motivation trickles through the company and products to make Denim the best version of itself it can be—so all heads, hearts, and ideas are weighed and heard. 


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