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December 18, 2018

S4E7: OnRamp Insurance Updates with Troy Vosseller

Exciting announcements and helpful advice.

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Today’s guest is Troy Vosseller — cofounder of gener8tor, the force behind the OnRamp Insurance Accelerator and the OnRamp Conference Series. Troy updates us on a few exciting OnRamp announcements, including relocating the OnRamp Insurance Conference to Minneapolis in 2019. He also shares a fun story about how his entrepreneurial journey started and offers great advice to other entrepreneurs and startup founders.

OnRamp Insurance Conference

A major part of OnRamp’s recent announcement includes a partnership with Allianz Life Insurance Co. and Securian Financial Group, which — together with the OnRamp Insurance Accelerator — will invest $100,000 in five different insurtech startups that participate in the program. With both of these companies based in of Minneapolis-St. Paul, it makes sense to bolster the growing network there by migrating the Onramp Insurance Conference as well. The conference will take place April 11, 2019, in the Target Center (home of the Timberwolves).

The unique aspect to the OnRamp Insurance Conference is that, in addition to standard conference tracks with keynotes, panel discussions, fireside chats, and networking, it also has its own startup track. Each participating corporation at the conference signs up for 10 curated, one-on-one meetings with startups that OnRamp selects from a pool of applicants. This puts startups in a pitching position with the executives and venture capital that can help form strategic partnerships and investment opportunities. If you’re interested in applying, head over to the OnRamp Insurance Conference website and register now.

Startup Advice

Troy has some great advice for any startup founders and entrepreneurs looking to get up and running. His first point revolves around the “making sure the dog will eat the dog food” concept. He sees a lot of up-and-comers getting bogged down with analysis and stacking assumptions one on top of the other. This doesn’t validate the concept of your product or service, however. Getting your ideas out in the world and in front of people in the market who can see if your idea has value is the surest way to see if the dog is headed to the food bowl.

The second point is about being aware of your company’s core competency. Whenever you encounter turbulence, it’s easy to revert back to that core competency, whether that’s writing code or fixing product problems. However, often when those problems arise, you should really be focusing on things outside that competency—such as sales and getting out in front of customers, things that you may not be so great at. That’s a big part of Troy’s job, identifying that and pushing entrepreneurs to get out and really live and listen with their customers.


OnRamp Insurance Conference

OnRamp Insurance Accelerator

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