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November 6, 2018

S4E4: Engaging Customers with Lori Bochner, Miguel Edwards, and Dustin Yoder

Thought-provoking perspectives on engaging customers in a new era: the digital edge.

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Denim Summit 2018 sold out — but if you didn’t manage to make it in, don’t sweat it. Over the coming months, we will be delivering some of the content that was shared at the event through Denim Rivet.

This episode features a fireside chat with Lori Bochner, vice president of marketing at Sammons Financial Group; Miguel Edwards, CIO, Life & Health Division at Kemper; and Dustin Yoder, CEO of Sureify. Denim’s CEO and Founder Gregory Bailey moderates the panel on the topic of engaging customers at the digital edge.

Engaging at the Digital Edge

Marketing has had a philosophy in the past where companies were always talking to their customers, telling them what they need. Now there is a shift in this mentality — namely now there is a lot more listening going on. There is a need to meet consumers where they are to truly serve them.

The panelists discuss how engagement can also start online, and then shift to real-time advice at the point of sale. Millennials in particular demonstrate this behavior. Taking an omnichannel approach to engagement is what will differentiate one service from another — not necessarily differentiation by a product or service alone.

Data and Mobile

Educating people is the biggest hurdle to a sale — and using mobile and data to be the first in line to a consumer is critical. The content needs to be delivered to a consumer at the right place and time, and being the first brand in front of someone’s eyes makes a huge difference. Capitalizing on data allows you to put a product in front of someone before they even realize they needed it.

There are so many ways data can be leveraged. A legacy mindset of searching for the “perfect data” is something we’re starting to see a shift away from. Looking directionally at imperfect data and analysis and being able to “poke” in some directions and determine the impacts can open new insights. Learning how to stack real-time data, projective data, and pulls from the data lakes of old legacy systems is the way of the future. The challenge is making all these different channels talk to each other.

Stay tuned in the coming months and weeks for more content from Denim Summit 2018 as well as new interviews and insights from the industry’s top thought leaders.


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