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October 9, 2018

S4E2: Jason Andrew & Charlie Turri on Denim Summit & APIs

A preview of a Denim Summit fireside chat on the API economy.

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Joining us on this episode of Denim Rivet is Jason Andrew, co-founder and CEO of Limelight Health, and Charlie Turri, Denim’s CTO. And, a Denim Rivet first, this episode is hosted by Tim Laehn, Denim’s director of content.

Jason and Charlie provide their thoughts on APIs and how both Limelight Health and Denim are using them as a competitive advantage. They also talk about Denim Summit, coming up Oct. 24 and 25, and the fireside chat they will be participating in.

InsureTech Connect

Another InsureTech Connect (ITC) conference just wrapped up in Las Vegas. For Jason, the most exciting part of ITC was seeing the amount of focus, money, innovation, and attention being placed on the insurtech space. Over the last three years, the attendance has grown from 1,000 attendees to over 6,000 — which is a clear indicator of the enthusiasm and resources being funneled into the ecosystem.

Limelight Health

Insurance impacts every aspect of people’s lives. Jason and his team started Limelight Health to provide a better experience when it comes to getting coverage. Currently, a lot of that process is done in spreadsheets, email, and other legacy systems, without a lot of connections to other systems and platforms. Limelight has set out to make that experience better.

Limelight also recently expanded to downtown Des Moines to join the growing tech scene in the Midwest. Jason says this was an easy decision for Limelight to make. Settled right between the Coasts, the business climate in Des Moines is incredible. This has been evident to Jason as he has attended events like the Global Insurance Symposium. It’s one of the few events in the country where you see the Governor, the CEO of the NAIC, startups, and carriers — all working together in a very passionate way to solve some of the big challenges in insurance.

We’re so excited to have Limelight Health join us in Des Moines, and we’re looking forward to growing together and solving problems side by side in the insurance and financial services space.

Denim Summit 2018

The API economy is the topic of a fireside chat Jason and Charlie will be part of during Denim Summit 2018. Not many carriers in the industry are built to consume or work with APIs at the moment, and this panel discussion will highlight some of the reasons why adopting APIs has been slow going across the board.

There’s still time to sign up for Denim Summit 2018, and we’d love to have you come to Des Moines and catch the rest of our conversations about where the industry is headed, as well as Denim’s point of view and roadmap as we head into 2019.


Limelight Health

Denim Summit 2018

If you would like to connect with Jason, you can reach him at jason@limelighthealth.com.

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