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September 25, 2018

S4E1: Smart Campaigns – The Biggest Update to Denim… Since Denim

Gregory Bailey, Charlie Turri & Adam Christophersen discuss Denim's newest product announcement.

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Welcome to Season 4 of Denim Rivet, financial services’ leading technology podcast! We have a host of exciting updates coming your way this season, including a brand new studio, a refreshed format, and new guests who will offer leading perspectives on the fintech and insurtech landscape.

To kick this season off, Gregory sits down with two others from the Denim team: Charlie Turri, Denim’s CTO, and Adam Christophersen, growth marketing manager. They discuss what Denim has been up to over the summer — including a new product announcement, Denim’s culture and growth, and Denim Summit 2018, which is coming up October 24 and 25.

Product Launch: Smart Campaigns

The Denim team has been busy working on Smart Campaigns, the first-ever solution for optimizing mobile advertising across local markets. We’ve been working closely with our customers to help refine Smart Campaigns, and our customers even helped us come up with the name!

Smart Campaigns scales all the way to the local level with a new algorithm we’ve developed. With the launch of Smart Campaigns, we’re also going to start pulling insights every hour instead of every day, providing customers even faster and more robust data on their campaigns. Learn more about Smart Campaigns and sign up for a demo a denimlabs.com/smart.

Denim Summit 2018: October 24 and 25

That’s right, the Denim Summit is headed back to Des Moines in late October. During the opening reception on October 24, we’ll be showing off Denim’s new office we transitioned into over the summer. Also that day, we’ll be hosting a user group. This user group will be made up of our customers that are in the Denim platform every day, and they’ll be sharing tips, comparing notes, and giving us direct feedback.

An action-packed agenda on October 25 includes a fireside chat on the API economy — how Denim uses it, how the industry uses it, and how you can use it as the economy shifts and grows. Charlie will be leading the fireside chat with Jason Andrew, Co-Founder and CEO of Limelight Health; Derek Hyde, CTO at TrustedChoice.com and AscendIA Ventures; and a few additional guest yet to be announced.

Gregory will also be giving another Denim Outlook during Denim Summit. He’ll be projecting Denim’s point of view on the state of insurtech, fintech, and our product roadmap. This year, we’ll be going bigger and bolder with our projections. Head over to denimlabs.com/summit to learn more and register.

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