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Brand Campaigns

Advertise your brand in all the markets your business serves with the simplest and most intuitive platform. Micro-target mobile and social ad campaigns to reach your audiences in neighborhoods, zip codes, cities, DMAs, states, provinces, or regions that your company serves. Build brand awareness, product consideration, and conversion using a platform that is built for brand and direct-to-consumer marketers.

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You don’t have to be an expert in mobile advertising.

Brand campaigns delivers our amazingly enjoyable user experience that removes the complex stuff and allows marketers to focus on value-adding activities.

Using Smart Campaigns, automatically optimize your mobile ad campaigns for best results in every location.

Underperforming ads are automatically paused and ad spend is automatically allocated to the highest performing ads in each location.

With Brand Campaigns, Local Campaigns, and Smart Campaigns – Denim delivers the simplest and most intuitive platform to easily manage all of your mobile and social advertising.

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