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Multi-channel marketing at scale.

Localize mobile and social engagement in a matter of minutes.


Tired of wasting time building complex mobile and social media ad campaigns – only to wonder if you even did it right? With Campaigns, launching effective, micro-targeted mobile ad campaigns – everywhere – has never been easier. Whether you're advertising for your local representatives, a multi-location brand, branch locations, direct-to-consumer, or to build brand awareness, using Campaigns is the simplest and most intuitive campaign manager ever.

Brand Campaigns

Brand Campaigns is purpose-built for brand and direct-to-consumer marketers. Manage mobile ad campaigns for your corporate brand, driving awareness, product consideration, and conversions.

Local Campaigns

Create and manage local mobile ad campaigns for hundreds or thousands of locations – all in one platform in minutes. Each local ad is delivered directly from the location or local representative in their local market.

Smart Campaigns

The first-ever solution for automatically optimizing mobile advertising across multiple locations, at scale. Smart Campaigns tests campaign variables and automatically allocates your budget to top-performing ads in every location.


Even the most beautifully crafted ad campaign will fall flat on its face if it’s not delivered to the right person. The intuitive Audiences product enables corporate marketers to build a variety of audience types to fit their needs. They can use data gleaned from consumers’ digital and social behaviors to build audiences on the fly – or start with a contact list and deliver personalized ads to those consumers or ones like them.


Easy-to-understand analytics allow corporate marketers to access real-time campaign data and share local insights with participating users in just two clicks. These insights provide valuable information about the impact and ROI of campaigns and lead to smarter decisions.


Dramatically increase conversion rate with post-click landing page and retargeting experiences that are aligned with pre-click expectations. Create hundreds of personalized landing pages in a matter of minutes for use in brand and local digital campaigns. Optimize and improve digital marketing analytics using the marketing automation platform that makes decision-making actionable.
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