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Multi-channel marketing at scale.

Localize mobile and social engagement in a matter of minutes.


The foundation of the Denim platform, Campaigns empowers marketers to build and launch professional mobile and social campaigns – at massive scale in just two minutes. Each ad is micro-targeted and delivered directly from each advisor or agent, in his or her local market.


Pre-defined audience settings allow marketing teams to micro-target the right consumer with the right offer at just the right time. Data gleaned from consumers’ digital and social behaviors makes it easy to surprise and delight them with highly relevant content.


Easy-to-understand analytics allow corporate marketers to access real-time campaign data and share local insights with participating users in just two clicks. These insights provide valuable information about the impact and ROI of campaigns and lead to smarter decisions.


Dynamic, customizable landing pages are personalized for consumers and valuable for marketers and users. Real-time notifications provide users with immediate, tangible leads, offering quantifiable results and increased ROI.