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April 9, 2018

Facebook’s New Approach to Data Access

Why Denim’s customers aren’t impacted by these changes.

Facebook Data Access

Over the past few weeks, Facebook has announced several changes related to data access and privacy. With these announcements, it’s clear the world’s most popular social network is taking its responsibility to protect its users’ information very seriously.

It’s also clear that Facebook is taking steps to be more transparent. As we shared in a December 2017 blog article, Why Transparency Matters to Customers, Denim highly values transparency. We feel it’s important to provide an update on Facebook’s changes as they relate to our customers and community.

How do Facebook’s changes impact Denim’s customers?

Short answer: They don’t. Here’s why:

1. The Denim platform leverages Facebook’s Marketing API, which isn’t affected by these changes.

On April 4, Facebook provided an update on the nine most important changes it’s making related to data access. None of these changes impact Facebook’s Marketing API, which allows companies like Denim to build automation with Facebook’s advertising platform.

2. Denim powers ads for insurance and financial services companies on behalf of local agents and advisors.

On April 6, Facebook shared steps it’s taking to make ads and pages more transparent. This includes increased accountability for advertisers running political or issue-based ads. Facebook is also making it harder for people to administer a Facebook page using a fake account. Here again, Denim customers aren’t impacted because Denim-powered ads are delivered from a local insurance agent or financial advisor’s Facebook page.

3. The Denim platform doesn’t collect any personally identifiable information (PII).

At the end of the day, Facebook is focused on restricting the data consumer apps have access to when they are connected to a consumer’s Facebook account. The Denim platform does not connect to consumer Facebook accounts, and there is no consumer PII in any of our data. We collect aggregated, anonymized performance data on consumer engagement with ads, which we are using to help our customers make smarter marketing decisions.

For more on our approach to product design and our commitment to data security, check out Denim’s Product Design Philosophy.

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