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January 16, 2019

Top Takeaways from Denim Summit 2018

Strategic insights on artificial intelligence, APIs, customer experience, and more.

More than 100 insurance, financial services, innovation, and technology leaders recently made their way to downtown Des Moines to attend Denim Summit 2018. The event, organized by Denim, featured leading perspectives on artificial intelligence (AI), APIs, consumer engagement, customer experience, and more.

In this ebook, we take you behind the scenes of the two-day event and explore top takeaways from several of the event’s keynote presentations and fireside chats. If you like what you learn, be sure to make plans to attend Denim Summit 2019 this fall. Keep an eye on denimlabs.com for the upcoming date and location announcement.

E-Book: Top Takeaways from Denim Summit 2018

Download Top Takeaways from Denim Summit 2018