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September 16, 2019

Why You NEED Landing Pages For Social Media

In our last post we discussed 6 things that affect mobile ad performance, one of them being landing pages. In this post we explore why landing pages for social media are a must-have when it comes to mobile advertising.

The primary reason you NEED landing pages for social media is this: A landing page for social media is customized to a mobile ad campaign (or series of campaigns), and gives people one clear next step to take.

When someone clicks on a Facebook ad for a specific service you’re offering, and then lands on your website’s home page, it’s like dropping them in the middle of a town with no map or directions. 

Where are they supposed to go? 

What do you want them to click on? 

Where is that service you were talking about on Facebook?

On the other hand, when someone clicks on an ad and is directed to a landing page that is specifically in line with the ad content, they know they’re in the right place. Continuity between design and verbiage between the ad and the landing page are vital – they will, yet again, confirm that the person is in the right place.

In addition, you can create multiple landing pages for social media for various campaigns that are running at the same time. Use this ad + landing page combination to test which ad, offer, and landing page lead to the most referrals, downloads, or other piece of data.

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