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May 14, 2018

Two Keys to Stronger Mobile and Social Media Ads

How Denim enables local marketing at scale.

Safe Mobile Marketing

In an article published by Adweek on May 7, author Jason Beckerman makes a bold claim:

“Facebook will emerge as the strongest, safest place for advertising dollars.”

While the claim has merit, mobile and social media advertising can be made even stronger when ads are:

  1. Localized, and
  2. Scaled.

Although achieving local marketing at scale is not possible through Facebook Ads Manager, it can be done. Read on to find out how.

Why Facebook Advertising is Strong and Safe

In the article, Beckerman bases his claim on the following points:

  • Facebook does not sell data. All usage of data by advertisers is based on Facebook’s terms and conditions, which all users opt in to.
  • Facebook’s model is strong and secure. The model is based on users opting-in to receive ads in exchange for using the platform’s services. Facebook serves these users’ ads while never revealing personally identifiable information, which creates a safe environment for both advertisers and consumers.
  • Facebook’s advertising ecosystem is only getting stronger. The industry’s leading advertising platform is poised to take a leap forward as Facebook advances its commitment to further protect user data.

How Denim Makes Mobile and Social Media Advertising Even Stronger

While the above points apply to ads powered by the Denim platform, here’s why Denim’s model is even stronger.

  • Denim-powered ads are delivered from agents or advisors to consumers in their local markets. Most consumers desire a personal connection with a professional when making insurance and financial decisions. According to LIMRA, 73 percent of Millennials, 69 percent of Boomers, and 64 percent of Gen Xers want to meet with a financial professional before purchasing life insurance. Denim enables those local connections.
  • Denim-powered ads are delivered at scale. Scale, oftentimes, is an enemy to corporate marketers. They know campaigns that are localized and micro-targeted will perform better than campaigns that paint with a broad stroke, but they also believe it can’t be done at scale. However, that’s no longer the case. The Denim platform enables marketers to deliver localized ads for an unlimited number of agents and advisors across Facebook News Feed, Right Rail, Instant Messenger, mobile websites, mobile apps, and more.
  • Denim offers an added layer of protection and expertise. Denim’s team of industry experts is committed to helping our customers safely deliver ads that get results. As our CEO and Founder Gregory Bailey shared in a recent Business Record innovationIOWA article: “Denim never has access to any consumer’s personally identifiable information. We make product decisions so that we can maintain that stance. … At the end of the day we take that into the market to insurance companies and financial services companies, and we share with them that we are this ‘safe harbor.’ We’re building Denim as this safe, guarded place where they can rely on us to have additional protections put into place.”

To learn more about how Denim is enabling insurance and financial services companies to create highly personalized mobile and social media experiences that deliver results, sign up for our May 23 webinar, Mobile Marketing Localized at Scale.

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