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October 30, 2019

See What’s New at Denim in 2019

A recap of our most recent product launches

We build new products and enhance existing ones with a goal of helping marketers save time and increase mobile ad campaign performance. Each year, we like to look back at what we’ve built, in aggregate, to paint a bigger picture of how the individual products work together at a platform level. These are a few product highlights from 2019:

Smart Campaigns is the first-ever solution for automatically optimizing mobile advertising across multiple locations, at scale. Smart Campaigns tests campaign variables and automatically allocates your budget to the top-performing ads. More than 60% of all campaigns run through Denim over the past year have been Smart Campaigns, which deliver, on average, 2x better click-through rates, and perform more than $.20 better on a cost per click basis (which is significant when our average CTR over the same time period is .87% CTR and $.64 CPC).

Brand Campaigns is purpose-built for brand and direct-to-consumer marketers. It enables marketers to manage mobile ad campaigns for their corporate brand through Denim, driving awareness, product consideration, and conversions. We built Brand Campaigns because we had a number of customers who wanted to run both Brand and Local Campaigns from one platform, rather than from two or more platforms. It is a strong complement to Local Campaigns because it builds advertising geographies based on the geographies where representatives are located, automatically. Presenting brand ads in the same geography where local ads are being presented stands to boost the performance of each.

An Instagram Expansion was launched to allow our customers to reach a younger, often under-represented, and less financially prepared demographic of consumers. We will continue to seek network expansion opportunities to allow our customers to meet consumers where they are with the message that resonates with them. In addition to Instagram (which launched about 8 months ago), Denim currently powers ads on Facebook, Messenger, and Audience Network.

In addition to our major product launches, we also made various improvements to existing features:

  • A validation engine that proactively determines ad placements where uploaded media is valid, as well as ensures media selected for a particular campaign is valid for the advertising placements selected
  • A media library where media assets are uploaded and stored
  • A new onboarding flow, designed to streamline the process of bringing in new Users
  • A UI overhaul

Reading about these updates is one thing, seeing them live in action is another. Request a live demo to see how each of these features could save your marketing team time and money.

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