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October 2, 2017

Localized Ads Provide More Actionable Data

Localized Ads

When consumers are presented with ads about insurance, they are more likely to take action if the ads are:

1. Relevant to their lives, and
2. From local insurance agents.

To successfully present relevant ads from local insurance agents, basic behavioral and geographic data must be matched with potential customers. Once an ad is presented, it’s beneficial to track clicks, ad engagements, and what people do after clicking the ad. Do they buy something? Do they set up an appointment? Do they browse for five seconds and leave?

These data points, individually, don’t tell us much. But strung together, they tell a story about that consumer and what makes him or her tick.

It’s important to understand the meaning of data collected around local markets and glean actionable insights so future campaigns are more effective. Every campaign run generates more data points and more meaning around what customers want from an ad, and how they respond to it.

For insurance and financial services companies to stay ahead of the game, connecting with consumers on a local level is key. Many consumers don’t have an intrinsic connection with a national brand logo, but they can create a tangible connection with an insurance agent who lives in the same community. This localization is highly beneficial for companies and the end consumer.

Localization allows companies to:

  • Meet people where they are, geographically
  • Be present where people are looking for connection
  • Make their brands more relevant at the local level

Localization allows consumers to:

  • See products and services that are physically nearby and easy to access
  • Connect with someone in their local market
  • Have greater confidence in their decision to work with the company

Implementing data insights to improve localization and better reach target markets is key in this industry. Consider how your marketing team might implement localization in social media ads to better connect with potential customers, offering services and solutions right when people need them, right where they are already looking.

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