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October 15, 2019

How to Create Social Media Landing Pages That Convert

So, what does your landing page for social media NEED to have?

In this article you’ll learn 5 must-haves for your next social media landing page. (Not sure why you need landing pages for social media ad campaigns? Read this first.)

A landing page is repetitive

…but not of itself! The landing page should be repetitive of the mobile ad that directed people here. Use the same phrases and language as you did on the ad to reiterate the point or purpose of what you want the person to do. Use similar photo and design styles between the mobile ad and landing page, too.

Each of these elements strengthens the connection between the mobile ad and the landing page.

A landing page is focused

The social media landing page is a hyper-focused page about ONE thing. It doesn’t outline your full range of services; it just focuses on one service or one call to action. Minimal text is important here. If you’re bringing people into a sales funnel, you don’t need to give them the full list of details all at once. The ad caught their attention, the landing page gives them the next step. And the rest of your funnel will continue to educate and connect with them.

If the goal is to capture information, use a short form with only the necessary fields, and a clear “submit” button. Mix up the button language depending on what you’re offering to make things a little more interesting: Download, Request my Freebie, Claim My Offer, Start Reading, etc.

A landing page has a single CTA

Just as the landing page has a single focus, it should have a single CTA. This will likely be connected to your lead capture form, offering something of value in return for contact information. While the offer may be something to download, like an ebook, top 10 list, or other lead magnet that provides value, it could also be getting a free quote or webinar.

Whatever you offer, it should provide value and give something to the consumer.

A landing page has short content

Another way to keep the landing page simple is by using bullet points. Remember that people are most likely on a mobile device and looking to quickly scan through content before making a decision. Bullet points make it easy to scan and get the high-level details.

A landing page has contact info listed

While most people will utilize the short contact form on the page, others might want to know how to get in touch with you directly. A short description of who you are, where you’re located, the URL to your full site, and a phone number can go a long way in building trust and being accessible.

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