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June 11, 2018

How to Choose Mobile Ad Campaign Goals That Get Results

Optimizing objectives according to the marketing funnel.

Marketing Funnel

If you’ve ever launched a social media ad campaign through a platform like Facebook Ads Manager, you’ve probably felt overwhelmed by the very first step: selecting your campaign objective. There are more than a dozen options to choose from, and it’s difficult to narrow it down to just one. Plus, the objective you choose will have a big impact on how your campaign performs.

“Choosing the right objective is something I can’t stress enough,” said Chris Curtis, a Facebook small business coordinator at a recent Facebook Community Boost event in Des Moines, Iowa. “Facebook will change how the ad looks, where it’s placed, and how it’s optimized based on the objective you choose.”

The Denim platform simplifies campaign objectives into three easy-to-understand goals relevant to the financial services industry. Below, we take a look at these three goals, what they mean, and when to use them. Because these goals map to the common marketing funnel, the basic principles can easily be applied to a variety of mobile and social media platforms.

1. Awareness

Awareness campaigns are top-of-funnel campaigns that aim to generate interest in what you have to offer by achieving maximum reach and impressions of your ad.

Use if your goal is to:

  • Get in front of new potential customers
  • Reach the largest audience with your available budget
  • Increase awareness and recall of your brand
2. Engagement

Engagement campaigns are middle-funnel campaigns tailored to consumers who are aware of what you have to offer and may want to engage or discover more information.

Use if your goal is to:

  • Increase the interest among consumers who are already familiar with your brand
  • Drive consumers to take an action you have chosen, such as viewing a video, visiting your website, or liking your page
  • Build audiences you can use for retargeting purposes with future advertising campaigns
3. Conversion

Conversion campaigns are lower-funnel campaigns designed to get consumers to convert with a specific action.

Use if your goal is to:

  • Encourage already engaged consumers to take the next step in their journey
  • Deliver the most clicks to an ad’s destination URL, which is often a website or landing page
  • Drive consumers to complete a predefined conversion step, such as filling out a lead form

Choosing the appropriate goal based on what you want to achieve with each campaign will by default optimize your ads to get the results you desire. However, it’s important to continually test different options and analyze results to find what works best for you.

To see how easy it is to choose a campaign goal inside the Denim platform, schedule a demo today!

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