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August 6, 2018

How to Achieve a 2.5x Better Click-Through Rate

See industry benchmarks and explore best practices for increasing consumer engagement.

2.5x Better CTR

The average click-through rate (CTR) of finance and insurance ads placed on Facebook is 0.56 percent, according to WordStream. The average CTR of Denim-powered ads, on the other hand, is 1.95 percent — 2.5x higher.

Why the better CTR?

There are two primary drivers behind the higher CTR achieved by Denim-powered ads:

1. Localized.

Ads launched through the Denim platform are delivered from local representatives to consumers right within their communities. Connecting with consumers on a local level is one way to drive more clicks on mobile and social media ads. Many consumers don’t have an intrinsic connection with a national brand logo, but they can create a tangible connection with an insurance agent or financial advisor who offices down the street.

2. Micro-targeted.

The Denim platform’s intuitive, easy-to-use Audiences product enables corporate marketers to build a variety of audience types and micro-target consumer segments. By leveraging demographic information, behaviors, and interests — as well the more than 1 billion data points the Denim platform has collected on consumer engagement with mobile ads — Denim helps marketers determine how to best reach the consumers most likely to engage.

What other ways can I improve CTR?

In addition to localizing and micro-targeting your mobile ads, there are other best practices to keep in mind for achieving a higher CTR.

Hone your message to your audience.

Your ads should speak directly to your target audience. Think about the targeting criteria (gender, age, behaviors, interests, etc.) you used when building your audience. Then make sure your message resonates with that audience. Focus on using second-person pronouns like “you” and “your” in your copy, as they’ll make your ads more engaging and personal.

Use eye-catching creative.

One of the best ways to improve your CTR is to switch from using generic stock photos to using eye-catching images that look and feel real and natural. Depending on the content of your ad, a multi-image format may increase engagement and clicks. And video-based ads almost always outperform image-based ads.

Create a solid offer.

The success of your ad doesn’t depend only on targeting the right audience with killer creative. You also need a solid offer and a strong call-to-action to entice people to click.

Appeal to emotions and a sense of urgency.

Seek to understand how your messaging, creative, and call-to-action will make your audience feel. Try to evoke compelling emotions that will drive people to want to know more. Adding a sense of urgency, such as a time-limited offer, can help overcome the temptation to act on a message later.

Test, test, test.

Like most things, there aren’t hard-and-fast rules when it comes to increasing your CTR. A lot will depend on your target market and the goals you are trying to achieve. The best thing you can do is test a variety of different audiences, messages, creative elements, and offers to see what works best. Examine changes in the CTR after every small move you make so you can pinpoint the changes that result in the most significant increases.

Watch for an exciting announcement coming soon from Denim regarding campaign testing and optimization. For a sneak peek, schedule your Denim platform demo today!

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