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March 5, 2019

Getting Started with Mobile Advertising

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In 2018 we started talking more about mobile advertising, sharing data- and experience-driven advice throughout the year. This information was written with financial services companies in mind, knowing that they have a unique opportunity to connect with consumers at the corporate brand level as well as through local representatives.

If you’re not sure where to start with mobile advertising, here’s a collection of articles, organized by topic:

Customer Engagement
Evaluate Your Content Strategy and Drive Customer Engagement in 2019

When marketing and content strategies are built with customers in mind, you increase the likelihood of creating something that drives customer engagement. This post highlights 5 tips for managing a content strategy review to ensure you’re on the right track this year.

4 Ways Buyer Personas Improve Customer Engagement

Learn how buyer personas give you a better understanding of your audience, which allows you to build more successful marketing campaigns.

3 Ways to Improve Customer Engagement in 2019

Consistent experiences, fast replies, and mobile optimization are three ways to engage with customers, leading to customer loyalty and an increase customer lifetime value

How to Articles
How to Achieve a 2.5x Better Click-Through Rate

Localized and micro-targeted ads on Facebook are proven to increase click-through rate (CTR). This, and other best practices, will strengthen your mobile advertisements and results.

How to Use New Facebook Pages Tools to Better Engage Consumers

Use these tips to ensure your local representatives have fully taken advantage of Facebook Page tools to best connect with consumers.

How to Achieve a 10x Better Cost Per Click

See industry benchmarks and explore four best practices for lowering your cost per click (CPC) on social ads.

How to Measure Mobile Advertising ROI

It’s becoming increasingly important to measure return on investment (ROI) to understand and improve the effectiveness of campaigns. This post gives an overview of KPIs and how to understand the data.

Building Audiences Best Practices (3-part series)

This series covers best practices for building three types of mobile advertising audiences – target audiences, custom audiences, and lookalike audiences.

  • Target Audiences: Target audiences enable you to target ads with data that people publicly self-report on social media.
  • Custom Audiences: Custom Audiences help you use data you own to reach people on mobile and social channels, across multiple devices.
  • Lookalike Audiences: Lookalike Audiences can help marketers find — and deliver ads to — people who have demographic and behavioral traits similar to their best customers.
Mobile Ad Campaign Tips
5 Key Steps to Budgeting for Mobile Advertising

Not sure how much money should go toward mobile advertising? Use this guide as a starting point to gather information to make decisions.

How Long Should I Run My Mobile Ad Campaign?

These principles will help you determine the right amount of time to run a mobile advertising campaign to reach your goals and stay within budget.

How to Choose Mobile Ad Campaign Goals That Get Results

One of the first steps of setting up a mobile ad is selecting your campaign objective. These tips will help you make the right decision.

Achieving Digital Transformation at Scale

Things to consider when looking to scale your mobile marketing efforts for representatives on a localized level.

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