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January 6, 2020

5 Social Media Trends to Master & Win in 2020

As a new decade begins, it’s important to focus social media efforts and measurement on the activities that will yield the best marketing and business results. We’ve narrowed the list to five social media trends to master and help you win in 2020.

1. Focusing on Pre- and Post-Click Experiences Drive Higher Conversions

The objective of most social media posts and advertisements is to motivate the consumer to stop scrolling and to click for more information. We call everything before this pivotal moment the pre-click experience and everything after this split second moment the post-click experience.

One of the biggest factors to drive higher conversions is consistency between your pre-click (i.e. social media post or advertisement) and post-click experiences. By using the same design elements, photos, phrases and language across pre- and post-click experiences, your post, ad and call-to-action will have higher recall and drive higher conversions.

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2. Brand Awareness and Performance Marketing Begin to Merge

Driving brand awareness on social media remains a mainstay of using platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. Building brand awareness through top of the funnel activities continues to work because mobile and social media is where consumers spend their time.

Performance marketing is about demand generation, lead generation, increasing product consideration and ultimately customer acquisition. Tracking and reporting on these activities that are lower in the funnel requires a different set of metrics. Often, this course of measurement is best used in a direct response channel where consumers are able to inquire and/or buy a simple product directly while on their favorite social media platform.

To win in 2020, social media marketers must balance building content and advertising strategies that leverage all of the levels of the marketing funnel – from top of the funnel brand awareness campaigns through to lower funnel conversion campaigns.

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3. Tracking Attribution Across Organic, Boosted and Paid

One common challenge for social media marketers is performing in-depth analytics. You’re more than likely using social media for organic scheduling of content, boosting posts, and delivering paid advertising campaigns. Tracking attribution across these three social media channels is an important trend to master and win in 2020.

Without proper attribution, you’ll more than likely be stuck reporting on vanity metrics that rarely have meaning or influence on marketing and business leaders. With proper attribution across organic, boosted and paid, you’ll study the full journey of how a consumer interacted with your content and how each drove the consumer deeper into your acquisition funnel or buying process. Knowing which social media channel performs the best for each of your marketing and business metrics will help you do less of what’s not working and more of what is working.

4. Use and Experience the Value of Tracking Pixels

Tracking pixels are commonly used to track the behavior of visitors on a website. Tracking pixels are used for many reasons, one of which is to connect an ad you’ve placed on Facebook to the landing page where the ad’s post-click experience is driving your traffic to. In this example, when the social media ad and the landing page are connected, it opens up a couple of possibilities:

  • The ability to track campaign effectiveness using pre- and post-click analytics.
  • The ability to retarget consumers who landed on your landing page, which will take them through the next step of your customer journey.

While broadly used in mobile, social media and digital marketing, tracking pixels can be a bit complex to manage and maintain. It’s one of the reasons why we’ve automatically incorporated tracking pixels into every Denim account that uses our landing page product called Denim Pages™.

Denim Pages™ automatically incorporates tracking pixels into every account using our landing page product.

5. Test and Learn

There is no question our most experienced and successful users have mastered the art and science of the ability to test and learn. Our best customers take great care in crafting short-term social media advertising campaigns to test a hypothesis. Once the campaign is complete, they learn from the insights and analytics and continuously iterate in order to improve the desired outcome.


These five social media trends, when implemented, are sure to help you better align marketing and business results. By mastering these trends, you’ll be well on your way to winning the competition this year.

We’d love to know what your predictions are for 2020 social media trends. Tweet us your thoughts @Denim.

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