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March 19, 2018

3 Steps to an Effective Audience Conversion Strategy

How to convert more mobile and social media traffic into qualified leads.

Lead Conversion

In our last several blog articles, we’ve been focused on mobile and social media audience targeting. We’ve shared best practices for targeting consumers based on demographics, location, behaviors, and more. That said, it takes more than effective targeting to create a profitable advertising campaign. It also requires a well thought out conversion strategy.

Below are some things to keep in mind to convert more traffic into qualified leads.

Test different audience types. There are effective ways to reach potential leads beyond building a custom audience. Lookalike audiences enable you to target consumers similar to those in a list, allowing you to reach more of the type of consumers you want to reach. Many social media platforms also allow for retargeting, which enables you to target people who have visited your site or a certain page of your site. With retargeting, you are able reach “warm” prospects who are familiar with your brand and, as a result, more likely to convert.

Track analytics. Tracking conversions to associated campaigns are the lifeblood of every digital marketing program. Without the appropriate tracking measures in place, you are shooting in the dark. And, it’s not only tracking, but granularly segmenting and analyzing the data that will lead to campaign optimization and improved ROI. The Denim platform’s easy-to-understand analytics allow corporate marketers to access real-time campaign data and share local insights with participating users in just two clicks. These insights provide valuable information about the impact and ROI of campaigns and lead to smarter decisions.

Monitor content performance. Once you know your target audiences, continue to develop them by tracking your content performance. Determining which content performs the best will help you refine your marketing strategy and engage the right potential customers. Monitoring consumer interactions gives further insight into your audience preferences. This enables you to figure out which marketing messages are the most effective for which audiences, driving increased engagement and conversions. For more on optimizing your content, check out 10 Tips to Optimize Mobile and Social Ad Images and Copy.

As with any marketing initiative, key to an effective mobile and social media conversion strategy is continual tracking, learning, and adjusting. This will ensure your marketing efforts are attracting the correct people and getting the results you desire.

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