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February 12, 2018

10 Tips to Optimize Mobile and Social Ad Images and Copy

How to catch consumers’ eyes and inspire action.

Mobile Engagement

In our last blog article, we shared tips for creating thumb-stopping video ads. While adding more video to your mobile and social media content mix is important to Facebook’s revamped News Feed algorithm, you shouldn’t neglect the importance of effective images and copy in your social media and mobile ads.

Below are five tips for selecting images and five tips for writing effective copy.

Choose Eye-Catching Imagery

As the competition to catch consumers’ attention in the News Feed continues to heat up, businesses need to work even harder to stand out. Use these tips to choose images for your mobile and social media ad campaigns that will stop consumers as they scroll.

  • Make images contextually relevant. Images should be relevant not only to the product or service you are offering, but also to the audience you’re offering it to. Think about the targeting criteria (gender, age, behaviors, interests, etc.) you used when building your audience. Then find images that tell a story that will resonate with that audience.
  • Select the right format. Single-image ads should have a single focal point. If you try to cram too much in, your ad won’t be optimized for all devices and will lose visual appeal. If you have more things to communicate through your images, consider opting for a multi-image “carousel” ad. (The Denim platform supports our enterprise customers in launching single-image, multi-image, and video ad creatives.)
  • Be consistent. For maximum impact, ensure all the images used within a campaign tie together visually. Before landing on a theme, test a few variations of images to see which one performs the best.
  • Build for mobile. Nearly 80 percent of social networking is done on a mobile device,1 so make sure the images you choose work well on small screens. Be sure to preview the ad creative on your phone before launching the campaign.
  • Integrate your brand. Facebook recommends businesses incorporate elements of their brand — such as their logo, products, or location — in the image in a natural and authentic way. (Multi-image ads launched through the Denim platform now include the option to enable a local map feature. When enabled, another image is added to the end of each ad containing a map and address of the individual agent or advisor’s office location.)

Write Action-Oriented Copy

Once you’ve caught a consumer’s attention with an eye-catching image, it’s time to inspire action through an effective message. Here’s how:

  • Front-load your message. People scroll through feeds quickly. Once you’ve caught their eye with an appealing image, you have a limited number of words to inspire them to act. Make sure your headline is compelling. Get the good stuff in before the text is truncated, and look for unnecessary words you can take out. Be sure to preview your ad to see how your message is displayed across different devices.
  • Communicate the value. Clearly tell the viewers of your ad why they should take your desired action and what’s in it for them if they do. Consider using a call-to-action button to further emphasize the action you want them to take.
  • Be authentic. Be sure your copy matches your brand’s voice and personality and is consistent across different ads and ad campaigns. Also consider your target audience and how they like to be communicated with.
  • Put yourself in their shoes. Think about your ad from your target audience’s perspective. What’s important to them? What appeals to them emotionally? What will inspire them to act?
  • Be clear and concise. Opt for clarity over creativity. Don’t make your audience work to figure out what you do, what you’re offering, and what action they should take.

While advertising on mobile and social media is an extremely effective way to engage today’s digital consumers, the channel doesn’t provide a whole lot of real estate to catch their attention and inspire them to act. Be sure to put thought into your images and copy to make your ads as effective as possible. If you need help, drop us a line.

1. comScore, The Global Mobile Report, 2017

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